It Only Takes A Moment

By Rich Edison  |  September 14, 2019

It only takes a moment for a life to change forever.

Last Sabbath afternoon, as I was preparing for some “lay activities” (better known as a nap), I heard frantic knocking on our door. It was one of our neighbors to let us know our other neighbor had just fallen out of a tree.

Rushing across the lawn, I saw our friend lying on the road next to a tree he’d been cutting a limb off of. He was gray and I thought at first he was dead. However, when I knelt by his side he looked up at me and whispered those words every first responder hates to hear, “I can’t feel my legs.”

Hours later, after many x-rays and a CT, our friend and his family received the dreaded news – his spinal cord was damaged beyond repair. In a moment, he went from an active retiree to a paraplegic, his life changed forever.

These last couple months have been a wake up call for me. First my Dad’s unexpected death, then my birthday, and now my neighbor’s tragic accident, have made me realize life is fragile. For each of us, it only takes a moment to change our lives forever.

This could be a depressing thought. After all, who wants to think of their mortality? We’d all like to think we have plenty of time to get it right, but, as Jim Croce sang, “…there never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them…”. No wonder Paul warned us in Colossians 4:5 to “make the most of every opportunity.

There is good news, however. Instead of wasting time letting the limitations of our time on this earth get us depressed, we can in a moment change our lives forever. Acts 16:31 promises if you “believe in the Lord Jesus…you will be saved…”.

Today don’t waste another moment. Don’t wait for a better time or till you feel more worthy to give your life to Jesus. Don’t put it off till tomorrow, because, the truth is, tomorrow may never come. Right now, before you finish reading this post, “believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved.

Give Jesus your heart today. Remember, it only takes a moment to change your life forever! This is your moment. This is your opportunity. Make the most of it!


Rich Edison is a writer, speaker, and Physician Assistant, who, whether he is working with patients, speaking in public, or writing for his blog,, strives to daily bring a little hope, inspire positive change, and point people to Jesus.