Journey to Bethlehem

Experience the town of Bethlehem as it was the night the Christ Child was born.


Your interactive journey begins indoors with live Christmas music in the Sanctuary of the Wenatchee Seventh-day Adventist Church and then continues outdoors through the town of Bethlehem.

A local Bethlehem resident will be your group guide as you see the many shops, visit the scribe, the tax collector and the inn keeper.  You can ponder with the wise men as they follow the Star.  You can see the shepherds and the manger where the Christ Child was born.

The journey has been over 7 months in the making, with many church members and community friends volunteering to help with construction, sewing of costumes, decorating, rehearsals and much more.

Journey to Bethlehem includes over 150 actors and supporting cast in full costume as well as a living nativity with sheep, goats, donkeys, chickens and... a camel.

This is a free event from your Wenatchee area Seventh-day Adventist Churches.



 Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Journey to Bethlehem has been cancelled this year.