Pathfinders is a scout-style organization for boys and girls.  It is a Christian organization that was created so that teenagers and older children can learn valuable life skills, as well as learn about the world around them- and have fun while doing it. It's mission is to teach children more about God and His Love for us.

Our local club

     Our local club, the Cashmere Cascade Peaks club, is based at the Cashmere Seventh-day Adventist Church.  We are an active club and have meetings every two weeks where we work on earning honors in topics such as nature, recreation, and life skills.  The club does other activities such as camping trips and hikes, and attends camporees and Pathfinder fairs, which are campouts with all of the other clubs in Central and Eastern Washington, and parts of Idaho and Oregon.  Every five years the club goes to Oshkosh, Wisconsin for an international camporee that is attended by most of the clubs from around the globe.

Other activities

​     Besides meetings and camporees, we have other activities such as hikes, camping trips, and game nights for our club members.  We participate in community service such as our local Cashmere community dinner and conduct food drives.  We also teach the children marching and have participated in several parades.

More information

​     If you are interested in joining our club or would like more information, please contact us at or fill out the form below.