Becoming and staying a Christian is definitely not easy.  We have a heavenly Father who walks with us, and we have an adversary who tries his hardest to split us apart.  We believe that the only way to become or stay a Christian is to maintain an active relationship with God.  We've compiled these resources to assist you in this. 

Bible Study

Maintaining a lasting, strong relationship with somebody is not possible unless we spend time with them.  This is the same with our heavenly Father.  In maintaining a relationship with Him, we must study His character, laid out in the biography that He has given us, the Bible.  We must also maintain communication with Him, through prayer. 


This page includes links to Christian media that we pray will strengthen your spiritual life.  This page lists two TV stations and their respective websites and apps, as well a few radio stations, including a local Washington State radio station, Positive Life Radio. 

Church Bulletins

The most recent few weekly bulletins available at church are available here.